Jetline comes on board

Our most valuable product at this stage by far was our past matric exam packs. We determined that we needed to focus on encouraging the sales of our exam packs. To do this, Nick designed our first school order form which was to be used by outlets for approaching schools and selling exam packs.

During this month, I had a meeting with Saki at Jetline Tygerberg to discuss the possibility of an outletwide partnership between Jetline and Paperight. This meeting was a success with Jetline informing us that they intend to register their entire network with Paperight and providing printing at highly reduced prices.

After three months of the outlet team working together, it became clear that we needed to reorganise in order to improve communication and productivity. After consulting with the rest of the team, Arthur decided that the best way to do this was to narrow the team down to the originally intended single outlet manager, as Outlet Development Manager.

We were asked to draw up proposals for what we would do in the coming months if we were to be granted that position. After all the proposals were submitted, I was fortunate to be given the position as the Outlet Development Manager. This meant that all activities related to outlets were now solely my responsibility.