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We’re on TV!

In October I had my first opportunity to train a staff member at Paperight, when Abdul-Malik requested training from me. This was as much a learning experience for me as it was for him. It also allowed me to practice and improve my training ability.

October was also the month when we made our first television appearance since I had joined. I accompanied nick along to HecticNine9 studios and watched him from behind the scenes as he introduced the Paperight concept to South Africa. We watched the number of visitors to our website spike to a then highest number of visitors to our site.

The television appearance and other publicity we received led to a sharp increase in private individuals registering for the Paperight service. We made a decision to screen those who register as outlets even more deliberately and to be more specific in our messaging, getting the B2B point across.

It was at this time that I suggested that we add a sub-accounts capability to the Paperight website. This would make it easier for an owner of an outlet to monitor the activity of his staff and for a franchisor to monitor the activity of franchisees. This feature was later added to our website.

Upgrading the outlets map

In August we upgraded our outlets map from the primitive version that I had created myself to a WordPress-integrated version of Google Maps on our help site. This meant many hours locating outlets’ GPS-coordinates and updating our WordPress site. When it was done, we had a much more professional looking outlets map.

TSiBA had also requested that we offer internships to some of their students which meant that I had the opportunity to screen and interview them. Unfortunately, none of the applicants showed the necessary passion and desire to contribute meaningfully to our journey but, I personally learned a lot by going through that experience.

In our quest to find cheap ways of spreading awareness on Paperight, I located the application form for the teen TV show HecticNine9 and forwarded it to Nick. Nick filled in the application form and it was duly accepted. Our slot on the show was scheduled for October 2012.